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The Story of FunJetSetter

Sigal Hillel, the founder of FunJetSetter, grew up in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv located in the small, but famous country of Israel. She always had a passion and curiosity for meeting people, exploring destinations around the world, and over the years became an avid world traveler. Before her army service in Israel, Sigal traveled plenty with her parents while growing up. She later moved from Israel to live in New York City for two years and returned to Israel to complete a business degree. Sigal then began her career in real estate, jewelry, and art. Through her work in these fields, she started connecting with people around the world to facilitate business deals.


She has lived in London, Belgium, Seattle, and New York City before becoming a well-known public figure in many additional major cities around the world. Her life motto is “All people are the same. The only differences between them are what they eat, who they meet, and where they sleep”. Crossing many obstacles, she is constantly meeting her goals. Her charming personality, smile, kindness, and willingness to listen has made her a role model to a lot of people. Sigal always strived to do something that will impact a lot of people, and that's why she embarked on creating FunJetSetter.


Sigal has a big presence on social media but realizes it isn't enough. Although people do connect on different social platforms, it cannot replace the real world. She recognized that, despite an increasingly interconnected world, people are feeling lonelier than ever before and want to be connected wherever they travel. People want to find company but are too busy to find time to create their own fun-agenda. Sigal realized while living in New York City, that time is the most precious thing you have. People don’t want to sacrifice time but want to work hard and play hard.


The first FunJetSetter chapter was started with her friends who lived in the city and the people who traveled there often. With an already large network of +30 000 people, it was very easy for her to start creating what she had been dreaming about:  a high-end community that connected people all around the world to exclusive events, and more importantly, to each other. As FunJetSetter started to gain traction, she made friends with influential people that have the keys to each city.


Each of these new friends has access to exclusive venues and information for the best events in the world. She started to connect the dots and soon FunJetSetter began to scale and more and more people started to come on board. She carefully chose in each city an admin to oversee the events calendar and control who is part of the network.

Currently, all groups are maintained on WhatsApp, a global messaging app that allows users to share media, location, and event updates in real time, but the FunJetSetter team is working hard to release native FunJetSetter apps across Google Play and Apple App Store such that the community has a real digital home. In all active member cities, the users update the feed and let others in on the hottest in-the-know events. It’s easy for users in different chats to know what's going on in different cities they frequently travel to. There are also other topic-specific chats such as accommodations, fashion shows, charity, music, news, marketplace, and many more.  As each user expands to international locations by joining one of the applicable chats, the marketplaces become larger. More events, accommodation, restaurant reservations, and the like are supplied and demanded in greater quantities when these networks grow.


Now that the community to be over 100k members, Sigal realizes that it is time for FunJetSetter to expand. So many people want to have more functionality than what WhatsApp can offer. She understands that after three years of challenging work she must take it to the next level and create a true home for the community. Sigal envisions a platform that allows the community to have a diverse selection of functions through event calendars and a luxury marketplace.


The digital side of the FJS ecosystem is currently in development and is expected to roll out across both Google Play and Apple App Store during summer 2024. If you want the be part of this amazing project, contact us for more information using the contact details below. Let's change the world together, make it a happier place, and inspire each other.


Be global, feel local.

Sigal Hillel

Founder of FunJetSetter

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